SONY VPCX131KX/N VAIO Care Update ajuri lataa ilmaiseksi (ver. 8.­1.­0.­10120)

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VAIO Care Update (ver. 8.­1.­0.­10120) PE SELF-EXTRACTING julkaistu 2012.10.31.

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Kategoria Notebook-muistikirjat
Merkki SONY
Laite VPCX131KX/N
Käyttöjärjestelmät Windows 10, Windows 8 64-bit
Versio 8.­1.­0.­10120
Tiedostokoko 163.71 Mb
Julkaistu 2012.10.31
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VAIO Care Update driver for SONY VPCX131KX/­N This utility will install an updated version of the VAIO Care Update software to add the following new features: Improves touch support for VAIO® computers that have touch capability Enables model,­ serial,­ service tag information in the VAIO Care application Displays the MAC address in the "VAIO Status report" Optical diagnostics will now only display for models that have an optical drive Adds a link to the VAIO Data Restore tool application Adds Blu-Ray Disc™ diagnostics for models that have a Blu-ray optical drive Adds the battery graph feature to display the quality of the battery Enables the Seagate® HDD diagnostics tools

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